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Jacked up pricing set for Galaxy S9, source says

by Justin Herrick | February 6, 2018February 6, 2018 7:00 am EST

Expect to pay a lot of money for Samsung’s next flagship. It’ll be the most expensive¬†entrant for the Galaxy S series in history according to a new report, which also means the Galaxy S9+ might break records set last year by other mobile devices.

The Galaxy S9 will be more expensive than its predecessors as Samsung will reportedly price the phone on the same level as Apple’s iPhone X, according to¬†TechRadar.

Compared to the Galaxy S8 from 2017, the Galaxy S9’s price tag should go up by $100. That would raise the total price before tax to $850. And, since there are two models, the Galaxy S9+ could reach $1,000. Most consumers, however, won’t pay $850 or $1,000 upfront. Carriers and retailers offer payment plans to spread the cost of a new phone across two years.

Leaks have indicated that the Galaxy S9 won’t look much different, so it’ll be interesting to see how the market reacts. Samsung’s focus will be on specifications including the processor and camera. Rather than throwing out a successful formula, Samsung wants to take something that’s working and improve upon it.

We’ll finally get to see the 2017 flagship go official later this month. Samsung has scheduled a launch event at MWC 2018 where the Galaxy S9 will make its global debut on Feb. 25.


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