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Apple continues to kill off the 16GB iPhone, one model at a time

by Danny Zepeda | February 6, 2018February 6, 2018 9:00 am PST

Last year, Apple officially killed off the 16GB iPhone from its product line-up. Now, the company is waging war against 16GB iPhones that customers bring in for repair.

According to MacRumors, a note sent directly from Apple outlines an iPhone 5C replacement process at Apple Authorize Service Providers. The memo reads: “Orders for whole unit service inventory of iPhone 5c (16GB) models may be substituted to iPhone 5c (32GB) models until further notice.”

The move isn’t an all-encompassing procedure to rid the world of 16GB iPhones.┬áNot every iPhone 5C taken in to an Apple Authorize Service Provider will be swapped out for the 32GB version. It’s more of Apple extending an olive branch to iPhone 5C users whose phone is suffering from a manufacturing issue or another problem.

If you take in your iPhone 5C for repair, it is highly plausible you will get a higher storage model out of it.

The iPhone 5C is the “unapologetically plastic” phone Apple released alongside the iPhone 5S back in 2013. It was meant as a budget iPhone, although it was still quite expensive. The move didn’t yield the result Apple was looking for and the device was discontinued the following year when it introduced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Regardless, even five years later, there are still many iPhone 5C devices in the wild with its legacy still holding strong.


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