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Leaked cases show the Galaxy S9 is going to feel pretty familiar

by Justin Herrick | February 5, 2018February 5, 2018 11:00 am EST

Mobile Fun doesn’t care about waiting until Samsung’s launch event later this month. The accessory maker is more than ready for the Galaxy S9 to be released worldwide. Two months ago we saw Mobile Fun begin taking pre-orders for a bunch of Olixar cases, and now the company would like to show you official cases on video.

The big deal here isn’t that these are the same cases as before but recorded for a hands on tour. Mobile Fun managed to get its hands on Samsung’s first-party cases for the Galaxy S9, but somehow it was totally fine to show them off weeks before the phone is announced.

Although they have Samsung’s cases, it’s not the Galaxy S9 being used in the demo. The Galaxy S8 appears to fit perfectly as the dimensions for the 2018 and 2017 flagships are reportedly the same. This year the focus for Samsung will be on upgrading specifications like the camera.

With the S-View cases, the phone’s always-on display remains visible even with the cover atop the panel. It allows for users to see notifications, field incoming calls, and complete select quick actions.

The video is still live and has been for a few days, so we’re not too sure of what Samsung thinks. Usually, it’d be likely for a big company like Samsung to quickly take the video down. Mobile Fun sells various accessories, and they’re obviously going to have the first-party cases on sale. However, it’s strange that Mobile Fun was able to post a video online showing the Samsung’s cases and their capabilities. You would think Samsung wants to do all of that itself.

Mark your calendar for Sunday, February 25. That’s when Samsung will the Galaxy S9 in front of the world.

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