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Surface Pro 4 display issues remedied by placing it in the freezer, users say

by Danny Zepeda | February 2, 2018February 2, 2018 6:00 am EST

Surface Pro 4 users are suffering a widespread issue being called Flickergate in which the display unexpectedly flickers. The issue stems from the display overheating, causing it to flicker uncontrollably.

First reported in Microsoft forums, multiple users went online to seek a remedy for the flickering. Some users report that the flickering only happens when the computer is idle or there isn’t any activity happening with the display. Since the issue stems from faulty hardware, there are no updates Microsoft can push out to fix it.

The issue has become so widespread, a site has sprouted up called that is meant as an outlet for the affected customers. The site reports that over 1,600 customers have complained in Microsoft forums.

A big problem Surface Pro 4 users are encountering is that their computers are out of the warranty period. Some users have reported paying Microsoft $800 to fix the problem. But since the issue is so widespread now, Surface Pro 4 customers are hoping Microsoft takes responsibility for their faulty hardware.

Microsoft is aware of the issue but hasn’t done much in the way of offering any viable fix. In a statement made to The Verge, a spokesperson for Microsoft said it is closely monitoring the issue.

Many users have resorted to placing their Surface Pro 4 into freezers to  temper the flickering, which is an absurd thing to do. Users report 30 minutes of uninterrupted usage for every 10 minutes they leave their Surface Pro 4 in the freezer.

Last year, Consumer Reports pulled its “Recommended” rating from Surface Laptops due to their “breakage rate” being significantly higher than other computers. Now with the Surface Pro 4 suffering issues, you should hold back on buying a Surface computer for the time being.

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