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Instagram’s Type Mode barely involves pictures or videos

by Justin Herrick | February 1, 2018February 1, 2018 2:30 pm EST

Either you’ll love or hate Instagram’s Type Mode. It’s a new feature within Stories, the service’s hub for time-sensitive content, that allows users to use nothing but text.

Just open Instagram, slide to the camera panel, and you’ll see “Type” listed next to the other modes already available. The app switches over to Type Mode where you’ll get to choose styles, colors, and fonts.

As is the case with any social media platform adding a major new feature, users are complaining about Instagram’s latest addition for Stories. Many feel it’s way too similar to text-based competitors like Twitter and Facebook. Now anyone can easily make these all-text posts for their stories rather than using pictures and videos, which Instagram heavily utilized to propel itself ahead of others over time.

Instagram explains it’s merely another way to express yourself, but no one seems to have been clamoring for anything beyond pictures and videos. Those two forms of media have allowed text and illustrations anyway. But Instagram needs to keep adding features to maintain its lead on Snapchat.

Type Mode for Stories is live today. It’ll be active on your phone as long as your Instagram app is on version 30.


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