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The next iPad may include the iPhone X’s best feature

by Danny Zepeda | January 25, 2018January 25, 2018 1:00 pm PST

Apple has always integrated its product’s best features into the rest of it device line-up once they have proven themselves. It did so with the Retina Display, Touch ID, and True Tone Display, and now it looks like it is following suit with Face ID. Strings of code found in the recently released beta for iOS 11.3 hints that a so-called “modern iPad” is in the works.

iHelpBR’s Felipe Espósito stumbled upon code that specifically refers to a “modern iPad.” This, of course,  jumpstarted a flurry of speculation to what this might mean.

Calling an iPad a modern iPad isn’t news in and of itself, but what makes this name noteworthy is that Apple was calling the iPhone X the “modern iPhone” in the months leading up to its release. That brought along an edge to edge display with Face ID, the first for an iPhone. By that reasoning, that means the same display enhancements and Face ID technology is making its way to the iPad.

This perfectly lines up with Bloomberg’s report last year that Apple was working on a redesigned iPad. It states Apple will include a redesigned display with smaller bezels and the inclusion of facial scanning technology.

Tying up the speculation together is Apple’s recent number of leaks. In the lead up to the iPhone X, multiple leaks revealed just about everything we needed to know about it. This new iPad is following an eerily similar path to the iPhone X.

Of course, Reddit ran with the news and some go-getters designed a mockup of what an iPad with slimmed bezels and Face ID might look like. It looks rather odd with the notch to me, but you can decide for yourself how you feel about it.

All we’ll say about the matter is that where there is smoke there is fire, and there is a lot of smoke circling an iPad with Face ID.

Felipe Espósito Carlos Guerra

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