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God of War’s PS4 reboot gets a release date and a trailer

by Eric Frederiksen | January 23, 2018January 23, 2018 11:00 am PST

God of War crashed into the gaming world over a decade ago with a violent, wild new take on Greek mythology that felt as fresh as the blood spraying from Kratos’ fresh kills. As the series progressed, though, it became less and less relevant. And then Sony Santa Monica had to go reinvent the character, showing off a new take on the character at E3 2016. We’ve been waiting patiently for Kratos, and it’s time. God of War returns to PlayStation on April 20, 2018.

This new take on God of War has Kratos leaving ancient Greece behind, having found a new home far north, where the Aesir and Vanir of Norse mythology roam. In that time, he’s managed to start up a new family, and has a son by the name of Atreus who travels by his side through the course of this new adventure. Gone are Kratos’ trademark Blades of Chaos, replaced by a magic-imbued battle axe, giving Kratos a whole new fighting style and a new perspective as the game goes from overhead action to a more over-the-shoulder angle.

When the game hits, there’ll be a few different versions available for purchase. In addition to the standard edition, there are two collector’s editions. The $129 collector’s edition features a 9-inch statue of Kratos and Atreus, a steel case, a cloth map, and a pair of carvings, as well as some digital content, including a PlayStation 4 theme and some in-game gear. If you’re a huge God of War fan, there’s the $199 Stone Mason edition, which includes all of that, as well as some extra carvings and a Stone Mason ring that director Cory Barlog says is “a finely crafted piece of jewelry whose story we won’t spoil,” and a keychain to round out the package.

Over on the digital side, the Digital Deluxe edition goes for $69 and features digital art and comic books, some in-game gear, and if you live in the United States or Canada, you can get a physical pin sent to your home. That’s right, a digital edition with a physical pre-order bonus.

God of War hits PlayStation 4 on April 20, so start sharpening your axes and prepping your bows – Spring is about to get bloody.

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