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iPhone X gets selfie-focused ad narrated by Muhammad Ali

by Justin Herrick | January 22, 2018January 22, 2018 6:00 am EST

Apple really wants to get the point across that the iPhone X takes better selfies than any other mobile device on the market today. Such a big deal is made out of that because a ton of technology was packed into the notch at the top of the latest iPhone’s display.

Over the weekend, the company rolled out a television advertisement showcasing the professional-level selfies you can take on the iPhone X. That’s because its Portrait Lighting enables studio-quality portraits without needing a computer on-hand. Apple included software that allows you to change a number of settings to achieve the perfect selfie.

Here, in this ad, Apple shows a diverse group of people expressing themselves in their own way using Portrait Lightning. Muhammad Ali’s I Am the Greatest poem was used to narrate the ad, which. as you can tell, makes sense since the legendary boxer talks about the unique qualities that make him “the greatest.”

This isn’t the first time Apple’s released an ad focused on photography. After launching one that embraced Animoji karaoke, the company switched to a trio of ads that highlighted Portrait Lighting and Face ID. Now, with its latest spot on television, the attention turns back to Portrait Lighting to show just how good selfies taken on the iPhone X look. And maybe there’s no better way to prove that than by having one of the world’s all-time greatest athletes read a poem declaring greatness.

The newest ad for the iPhone X started airing during the NFL’s AFC Championship and NFC Championship games. Expect Apple to buy time during Super Bowl LII in two weeks to get millions of more eyes on its most advanced iPhone ever.

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