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Apple’s next big product launch is imminent

by Brandon Russell | January 20, 2018January 20, 2018 6:00 am EST

Since delaying the HomePod’s launch to 2018, Apple has been quiet about when the smart speaker would be available. But could the device’s launch be imminent? It sure looks that way.

The HomePod received FCC approval this week, which means Apple has passed one of the final hurdles before putting the device up for sale. Apple originally planned to launch the HomePod at the end of last year before delaying the speaker to early 2018.

Just this week a report out of Asia claimed the HomePod would debut in as little as four weeks, with a limited production of one million units. However, the company is expected to ship over 10 million HomePods through the end of the year, so there will be plenty of supply to go around.

Adding further fuel to fire is the fact that Apple’s latest iOS beta features Siri commands that appear perfectly suited for a smart speaker.

We got a brief look at the HomePod when it was announced back at WWDC, but we couldn’t really get a sense of its quality outside of the controlled demo environment. Since then, Amazon, Sonos, and Google have launched new smart speakers, which means Apple is entering a crowded market. It remains to be seen how popular the HomePod will be.

Launching for $350, the HomePod features an A8 chip, six-microphone array, seven-tweeter array, and technology that will adjust the sound based on where in a room it’s located. As soon as Apple announces a release date we’ll be sure to let you know.

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