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Unlike Apple, Samsung totally denies slowing down phones

by Justin Herrick | January 19, 2018January 19, 2018 11:00 am EST

Don’t claim that your Galaxy-branded phone or tablet slows down over time on purpose. Allegations of planned obsoleteness against Samsung and its mobile devices have already been denied, but the company apparently thinks more needs to be said. It’s releasing yet another statement to discredit claims that software updates are intentionally reducing performance to push consumers toward purchasing new hardware.

As of late, Samsung’s been eyed by an antitrust authority in Italy for the unfavorable claims. The same group, the Italian Authority for Market and Competition, is also investigating Apple and other companies who do business in the country.

Here’s the company’s latest statement:

“Samsung does not provide the software updates to reduce the product performance over the life cycle of the device. We will gladly cooperate with Italian Authority for Market and Competition’s investigation in Italy to clarify the facts.”

What exactly the alleged software updates are doing is unclear, but we assume it involves the processor.

Apple, meanwhile, admitted to issuing software updates that help a product compensate for weakened components. The company’s in-house processors would be slowed down to lessen power consumption on batteries, which often deteriorate in as little as a year. The performance was throttled in ways including longer app launch times and lower frame rates. After apologizing, Apple announced an iPhone battery replacement program that runs through the end of the year.

The Galaxy S9 will have all the attention on Samsung next month, so maybe it’d be wise for the company to talk about the flagship’s battery and how long-lasting it is.


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