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OnePlus ceases credit card payments amid possible breach

by Brandon Russell | January 16, 2018January 16, 2018 10:30 am EST

Consumers who purchased something through OnePlus’ website may have had their personal information stolen, including credit card information. As a result, OnePlus has shut down all credit card payments until the company can figure out what’s going on.

OnePlus posted an update in its forums following multiple reports of a possible breach:

As a precaution, we are temporarily disabling credit card payments at PayPal is still available, and we are exploring alternative secure payment options with our service providers.

Last week, anecdotal reports from a number of people in the OnePlus community said they saw fraudulent charges after making a purchase through the company’s website. Justin Herrick, Senior Editor at TechnoBuffalo, noticed a fraudluent charge after purchasing a OnePlus 5T.

It’s unclear why OnePlus didn’t cease all credit card payments immediately following initial reports. Earlier this week, the company said it was investigated the issue, but didn’t indicate the source of the breach.

What’s worse is it isn’t clear how far this issue goes. Did the breach occur over the holiday period? Or is this something that just happened the other day? Either way, it’s not good for OnePlus or its customers.

OnePlus recommends people who made a purchase through its website to closely monitor their credit card statements. If you see any suspicious charges, it’s best to contact your bank.

“We are working with our third-party providers, and will update you on your findings as they surface,” OnePlus said.


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