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Nissan XMotion SUV concept is a step into the future

by Danny Zepeda | January 16, 2018January 16, 2018 3:00 pm EST

Have you been looking for an SUV that is laden with next-gen tech integrated in the arm rest? Probably not, but Nissan has you covered with the XMotion SUV concept, a step into a future with displays everywhere.

Nissan is showing off the XMotion (pronounced “cross motion,” and I have no idea how the two are related) at the Detroit Auto Show, and like any concept, the XMotion puts an emphasis on over-the-top design. In that sense, Nissan hit it out of the ball park.

Nissan took a lot of inspiration from its Japanese heritage when designing the XMotion. Details like the kumiko woodwork, puzzle-inspired taillights, and the digital assistant, all add engaging quirks to the concept.

The exterior of the XMotion is uber industrial due to the exposed aluminum body. The curves around the body, front and back fascia and outlining fenders are aggressive. It’s not something that would ever make it to a production model, but on the concept, it’s like catnip to the eyes. Even the Nissan emblems glow with vibrant white light, a touch borrowed from luxury vehicles.

Moving inside is where you enter the future. The odd steering wheel that’s not really a wheel, red-light ambiance or six-seat layout isn’t the most interesting part of the car. That distinct honor goes to the displays that occupy every important space. Much like the Byton concept we saw at CES, Nissan incorporated an ultra-wide display that takes up the entire dashboard.

At the top where the rearview mirror typically sits, you get another display. So, too, in middle section where there would normally be cup holders, there lives another display. I’m not sure where you can place your morning coffee, but at least you get a super cool display.

Unforunately, you will never see the XMotion on the road. It is a concept purely for show. It does gives us an idea of Nissan’s more gaudy designs it has come up with inside its labs. Let’s hold out hope the super wide display makes its way to a production car sooner rather than later.

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