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First accessory for Home Mini now available on the Google Store

by Justin Herrick | January 16, 2018January 16, 2018 11:30 am EST

Accessories aren’t all that popular for Google’s family of smart speakers. Only the regular Google Home can have its base swapped out for different materials and colors while the Home Max and Home Mini are on their own. But now the Home Mini is at least getting an accessory for anyone wanting some flexibility in terms of positioning.

The Google Store has started selling a wall mount that costs just $15.

Incipio is behind this accessory, not Google. The company that makes the Home Mini merely certifies the wall mount to let everyone know the style, fit, and installation is approved. It’s sold solely in white, but the color should work in pretty much any environment whether that’s in a home or an office.

Included with the wall mount are screws, 3M tape, and drywall anchors.

If you’re over trying do-it-yourself solutions, just head on over to the Google Store. The Home Mini’s wall mount is shipping now.

Justin Herrick

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