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Gambit movie has run into more problems

by Danny Zepeda | January 12, 2018January 12, 2018 3:30 pm EST

More trouble is brewing for the X-Men flick Gambit. The standalone movie based on the card-wheeling X-Men character has been through development hell, but it seemed to right the ship after rounding out the cast and nabbing Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinksi to lead the project. The good times didn’t last, however, as Verbinski has pulled out of the project.

Channing Tatum is playing the titular character, bringing Gambit/Remy LeBeau to life for the first time since he made an appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Tatum’s name being attached to the project hasn’t stopped it from experiencing non-stop issues. Landing Verbinski boded well for the project, but it was for naught.

Verbinski is best-know for directing the Pirates of the Caribbean movies starring Johnny Depp.

20th Century Fox is saying Verbinski’s departure is due to scheduling conflicts and was amicable. Whatever the reason is, it really throws a wrench into the movie’s plans. Fox isn’t stressing about its slate of X-Men movies, however. Within in the next 13 months, it has three X-Men movies slated for release.

Gambit would be the next X-Men movie slated for release in June 2019. Given all the issues the movie has run into, it wouldn’t be surprising if the project gets canceled altogether. Then again, it’s been roughing it through the problems for a couple years now and Fox and Tatum are intent on making it happen.


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