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Super Mario Odyssey gets exciting new content in free update

by Brandon Russell | January 11, 2018January 11, 2018 9:30 am PST

Nintendo initially indicated Super Mario Odyssey likely wouldn’t feature any new content after the game launched, but it looks like the company lied.

During a surprise Direct on Thursday, Nintendo revealed the game will soon get a free update that will add an asynchronous online multiplayer mode—similar to what we saw with Super Mario Run—called Balloon World, which will be unlocked once a player beats the game’s main story.

The new content is essentially designed to encourage players to explore the many different worlds featured in Odyssey. In one of the modes, players are challenged to seek out balloons hidden by other players. In another mode, players a challenged to hide these same balloons.

In addition, the free update will also introduce new outfits: Sunshine Shades, Musician Hat, and Knight Helmet. Nintendo is also bringing new filters to the game’s delightful photo mode.

Super Mario Odyssey’s Balloon World will launch as a free update in February.

Brandon Russell

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