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Galaxy S9 is getting a new feature you’re going to want in an emergency

by Justin Herrick | January 10, 2018January 10, 2018 11:30 am EST

Listening to local radio stations in North America is about to become a lot easier as long as you buy the Galaxy S9. NextRadio announced a special partnership with Samsung that will enable the FM chips on its future phones released in the United States and Canada.

It’ll allow people in either of those two countries with a Galaxy-branded device to listen to stations without an internet connection much like they already do in a car or with anything else that has a radio tuner. There isn’t anything to do other than choosing a station. With the FM chip enabled, you’re barely using any data and you’re not working the battery as hard as access to LTE or Wi-Fi is unnecessary.

NextRadio came into existence almost five years ago with support from the National Association of Broadcasters. The app, when installed on a mobile device with an FM chip, allows users to enjoy free listening on any station whether the content is music, news/talk, or sports. Whatever’s on the airwaves in your area is available on NextRadio.

Access to local radio stations without the need for an internet connection can also be useful during crises like natural disasters.

LG made a similar announcement with NextRadio in 2017. After Samsung and LG start releasing phones with the FM chips enabled, additional companies in the mobile industry could follow. Motorola and Alcatel have already been working with NextRadio in recent years.

The partnership between NextRadio and Samsung starts with “upcoming smartphone models,” and it’s more than likely its 2018 flagship will be the first to boast the new feature. Samsung’s Galaxy S9 will officially launch in late February at MWC 2018.


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