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Suit up for CW’s supershows’ return with a group trailer

by Eric Frederiksen | January 9, 2018January 9, 2018 3:00 pm EST

We have just under a week before all of TV, which has been paused since early December, starts firing back up again. That includes all of CW’s superhero shows – plus one. To get us prepped for the action, the network put together a trailer that brings together almost as many heroes as we had on-screen during the ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ crossover.

We get great moments with the Barry Allen being perpetually late, Oliver Queen being frustrated as one of the very few totally-unsuper humans in the crew, and Ray Palmer being as delightfully dorky as we’ve come to expect.

Then the heroes clear out, and we hear a voice from off screen.

“Everybody’s got time for a suit up, but nobody’s got time to wait for the new guy to charge,” comes the voice of actor Cress Williams as Black Lightning, the CW’s latest hero.

This awesome moment makes sense from a promotional standpoint – Black Lightning is the newest of the CW’s supershows. It could be a little confusing to fans who don’t sit and read blogs like we do, though. The CW has taken great pains to connect Supergirl, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and ArrowBlack Lightning, meanwhile, is doing its own thing, establishing a universe of its own.

January 15 marks the return of Supergirl, followed by The Flash and Arrow on Tuesday and Thursday. Legends of Tomorrow will come back about a month later, accompanied by the new guy, Black Lightning.

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