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Alexa gets packed inside Jabra’s new wireless earbuds

by Justin Herrick | January 9, 2018January 9, 2018 12:00 pm EST

Already we’re seeing companies roll out Alexa-powered accessories despite Amazon opening up the platform just one week ago. Jabra announced three new wireless earbuds at CES 2018, and two of them offer direct access to the popular digital assistant.

Joining the brand’s lineup are the Elite 65t, Elite Active 65t, and Elite 45e. The letters at the end of each name indicates whether the unit is truly wireless or has a wire between the earpieces. No matter their designs, two ship with Amazon’s digital assistant at the ready but also allow access to Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. Jabra is merely pushing Alexa because the integration is new and not specific to Android or iOS devices.

With Alexa on these wireless earbuds, you can talk and ask questions just as you would to the Echo or any other product. The digital assistant will do things like tell you the weather, give sports scores, answer questions, and play music.

The Elite 65t (pictured above) and Elite Active 65t both ship with up to five hours of battery life, a charging cradle capable of recharging the wireless earbuds twice on its own, and embedded microphones. Jabra’s active-focused model adds IP56 certification for water, sweat, and dust resistance. It also has an accelerometer to monitory activity to be synced with the Jabra app. Other than having a tailored experience for health and wellness-thinking consumers, these two sets of wireless earbuds are identical.

If you’re into physical activity, the Elite Active 65t will cost you $189. The regular Elite 65t, meanwihle, is less expensive at $169. Both have two-year warranties include at no extra cost.

The cheapest of the trio is the Elite 45e. It’s going to be priced at $99, and it has a wire between the earpieces despite relying on a Bluetooth connection. The catch, however, is that Alexa won’t be inside. You’ll be able to link directly to your phone for access to a digital assistant but it won’t be seamlessly integrated.

Jabra says the Elite 65t will be released in the first quarter of 2018, and the other two models will come sometime in April.

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