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Google just combined two of its most popular services

by Brandon Russell | January 8, 2018January 8, 2018 12:00 pm EST

Google on Monday announced it’s combining Android Pay and Google Wallet into one service to rule them all. Known as Google Pay, the search giant said the unified service will provide users with a more seamless payment experience.

That means using the payment information saved to your Google Account to speed through checkout. In the next couple of weeks, users should see Google Pay begin appearing online and in-store where digital payments are supported.

At the moment, Google Pay is available on Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse, Instacart, and more. Using a service like Google Pay simplifies the checkout experience so you aren’t required to put in any credit card info.

It’s a smart move from Google and great for consumers who have ever paid for something using their Google info. If you currently use Apple Pay, expect the experience to be a lot like that.


Brandon Russell

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