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LG remembers the forgotten V30 with a fresh coat of paint

by Justin Herrick | January 3, 2018January 3, 2018 7:00 am EST

There’s never a bad time to offer your phone in a new color, at least that’s what LG thinks. The South Korean company just announced the V30, its second flagship released in 2017, in Raspberry Rose. Although the V30 was launched several months ago and the G7 is expected within the next two months, LG still felt now is the perfect time for a forgotten phone to get a new look.

Here’s how LG describes the color:

“Raspberry Rose, an intense saturated version of red, is a hue quite unlike any previous smartphone color offered by LG or its competitors. Designed for fashion-conscious smartphone users, LG created a unique color that provides outstanding visibility and to makes this V30 an ideal Valentine’s Day gift.”

Again, it’s quite strange for the V30 to get a new color at this time. And we highly doubt anyone is going out of their way to grab the phone in Raspberry Rose as a Valentine’s Day gift. There are a number of phones that you should get for that special someone over the V30.

LG appointed new leadership late last year, but this decision was likely to far along in the pipeline to cancel. The mobile division in 2018, though, is likely going to operate much differently.

Getting the V30 in Raspberry Rose could be a bit difficult. LG isn’t going to bring the new color to every market where the phone is sold. Instead its availability will be limited to South Korea and “key markets” in Europe and Asia. But, if you’re attending CES 2018 in Las Vegas, you’ll get to see the flavorful V30 for yourself before it heads back overseas for good.


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