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Apple will swap your old iPhone’s battery even if it doesn’t need it

by Brandon Russell | January 2, 2018January 2, 2018 12:00 pm EST

Even if your old iPhone doesn’t need it, Apple will still replace its battery as part of the company’s expanded out-of-warranty replacement program, which is now in effect until the end of the year.

Typically, Apple will only replace a battery if it retains less than 80 percent of its original capacity. But due to the recent controversy over slowed iPhones, Apple is apparently loosening these rules in an effort to appease customers. Apple is currently replacing batteries in the iPhone 6 or later.

What this means is you shouldn’t have any issues getting your iPhone’s battery replaced even if it passes Apple’s diagnostic tests. At least, that’s according to MacRumors, which confirmed with Apple that the company will replace your phone’s battery for just $29.

MacRumors also claims that Apple is issuing refunds to customers who paid $79 before this new pricing went into affect.

Apple ended 2017 on a pretty sour note after it was discovered the company was slowing down old iPhones. Several of the company’s biggest competitors responded to the news by saying they don’t follow a similar practice, suggesting Apple is alone in slowing down older devices.

Although Apple is offering a big discount on battery replacements, the incident capped of what was a pretty uneven year for the company, from botched software launches to releasing the best smartphone of the year.


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