The new iPhone models aren’t shying away from the camera. Even though a global debut is still over a month away, prying eyes are getting information on Apple’s iPhone trio early.

Ben Geskin, the insider who keeps track of all things Apple, obtained more photos of the 5.8-, 6.1-, and 6.5-inch models due out later this year. In the photos, we get a reminder that Apple will take last year’s iPhone X and refine it for 2018. The specifications will be upgraded, but Apple wants a consistent look between them.

Since the photos are of dummy units, you don’t get to see iOS. But that’s okay since Apple already detailed iOS 12 two months ago. Apple plans on tweaking performance-related areas more than anything else.

Here’s are the two new photographs that have leaked:

Up front, you don’t have much to take in aside from the edge-to-edge displays being of different sizes. The smallest model, which has an OLED panel, will measure 5.8 inches like the existing flagship. But the 6.1-inch model will switch to an LCD panel for cost-cutting benefits. As for the 6.5-inch model, Apple will utilize an OLED panel.

In the other photo, each model’s backside gets revealed. While the 5.8- and 6.5-inch models have dual-camera setups, the budget-friendly model will stick with a single lens.

The classic iPhone look and feel will stop at the iPhone 8, though. Based on these dummy units and several leaks from the past, it’s all but confirmed that Apple wants to embrace a fresh design.

All three models in the pipeline will resemble the iPhone X. It’s not a bad thing since Apple’s most advanced iPhone ever made has received praise for its appearance. The stainless steel construction also improves durability compared to traditional aluminum.

If you’re holding out for a new iPhone, the wait should come to an end in September. Apple is expected to host its annual launch event within the first two weeks of September.