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Guess the phone camera samples: Keep on improving

by Brandon Russell | December 30, 2017December 30, 2017 9:00 am EST

In this series, we’ll present a gallery of photos, and it’ll your job to guess which phone took them. Consider this a spinoff of our popular Guess the Phone series. Look for the answer to this week’s challenge next weekend.

Sometimes, when a phone first launches, the camera is a potato. Pictures are bland, fuzzy, and pretty much unusable for anything but social media. Thankfully, updates can make a crappy camera into one that’s decent, and sometimes very good. No other phone fits that description better than this one.

I’m glad to see this phone’s camera improve so much—and I’m not just talking about image quality. Operating the camera is now much faster, greatly improving the overall experience. A competent camera was the missing piece of what is otherwise a very underrated device.

Have you guessed it? Share your thoughts down below.

Our most recent Guess the Phone Camera Samples was the Google Pixel 2.

Brandon Russell

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