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Replacing the iPhone’s battery yourself just got a whole lot cheaper

by Danny Zepeda | December 29, 2017December 29, 2017 10:00 am EST

iFixit announced that it is slashing price of its iPhone battery replacement DIY kits in response to Apple’s new replacement battery pricing.

Replacing iPhone batteries has always been an arduous task, but it was never really an issue until news broke that Apple slows down iPhones when their battery degrades. Apple has since announced discounted battery replacement program¬†that will be available until December 2018. It didn’t take long for¬†iFixit to one-up Apple with even cheaper battery replacement kits.

iFixit’s battery kit replacement pricing used to range from $39 to $49 depending on the device. Now, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus kits will cost $29.99, with older kits as low as $24.99. The kit comes with a replacement battery and the tools to take the phone apart, like a pentalobe screwdriver and suction cup.

There are a few caveats you should know. Doing the replacement process yourself is tricky. You’ll have to be extra careful not to break the display, tear a ribbon or fry the battery by accidentally poking it. If you are not up to the task, you can always go to Apple and take advantage of its new pricing, but it’s good to know you have multiple options.


Danny Zepeda

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