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Stranger Things may not resume until 2019

by Eric Frederiksen | December 14, 2017December 14, 2017 9:30 am EST

It might feel like forever since it came out, but it’s only been a month and a half since Stranger Things‘ second season hit Netflix, giving us more of the creepy Upside Down, one of the best young casts in a very long time, and that dope synth opening intro that I literally never skip. Well, that’ll have to hold us over for a while, because of all the things 2018 will have in it, one of them isn’t Stranger.

Talking to Variety, David Harbour – Sheriff Hopper on the show – talked about the process the Duffer brothers go through in creating the show.

“I mean, one of the things that’s annoying for fans is that it takes us a long time to do them,” Harbour said. “Like, you probably won’t get [season 3] until sometime in 2019.”

It’s not like the Duffer brothers are just counting all eleven dollars they made off the show over and over.

“Part of the thing is, like any good thing, they need time,” Harbour continued. “Those guys work so hard. I mean, they just sit in their apartment and write for 12, 14 hours a day.”

The team is already working on season 3, and the show is set for four seasons total. If the creative process goes smoothly, maybe we will have season 3 in 2018. But I wouldn’t bet on it.


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