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iPhone X ads highlight Portrait Lighting, Face ID head-on

by Justin Herrick | December 14, 2017December 14, 2017 9:00 am EST

Several advertisements for the iPhone X have been on television since its release in November. Most of them focus on the front-facing camera and sensors, and this week a trio of new ads are doing just that. Apple released one ad for Portrait lighting and two for Face ID, all of which should be airing in the U.S. well into next year.

The spot for Portrait Lighting shows the latest iPhone’s ability to create “studio-quality portraits without the studio.” Photographs of a young woman are edited with the various settings Apple offers on the iPhone X. There’s contour light, stage light, and stage light mono on display. The point is that, with the iPhone X, you don’t need expensive software on a computer to put together stunning shots.

For Face ID, Apple pushes the “most unforgettable magical password ever” as the iPhone X understands an individual’s appearance. A bunch of people are shown staring at a camera while the TrueDepth technology does its thing and unlocks the iPhone X. The other ad features a man with an ever-changing beard who doesn’t have to reset Face ID even when his facial hair gets long or shaved off.

Apple, as it always does, uses pretty trendy music in the background that its target demographic will certainly appreciate.

Here are the three ads:

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