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Threads become an official Twitter feature

by Justin Herrick | December 13, 2017December 13, 2017 1:30 pm EST

Creating a thread on Twitter isn’t anything new, but the platform is finally getting a feature made specifically to do that. Users have always been forced to assemble them by composing individual tweets replying to the previous ones. Now, though, there’s a solution built by Twitter to let users quickly offer multi-tweet thoughts to their followers.

Twitter’s method to create threads is straightforward. When you go to compose a tweet, you’ll notice a plus button next to the character count icon. Tap it and you instantly get a fresh tweet to attach to the previous one.

You’re able to put together threads this way no matter the amount of characters in other tweets. There’s no requirement to fill a whole tweet with 280 characters before going on to another one. And, when you’re done loading a tweet with content, you can tweet everything at once. Twitter automatically stitches them together so people viewing the thread on their timelines get everything in one spot.

Not all users are able to take advantage of the new feature yet. Twitter says it’s rolling out to iOS, Android, and web in the coming weeks. Just make sure your Twitter app stays updated, and in a short amount of time you’ll be able to create threads easier than ever.

As was the case with character expansion, expect the official thread-making feature to busy timelines. A ton of users are going to go wild with tweetstorms filled with their rants.


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