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Samsung patent highlights exciting concept with wraparound display

by Brandon Russell | December 13, 2017December 13, 2017 12:30 pm EST

A Samsung phone with a wraparound display could be in the pipeline, according to a recently discovered patent. The technology could see Samsung pioneer a new type of device the likes of which we’ve never seen.

Few details are revealed in the actual patent, though there are plenty of images of what such a phone might look like.

The concept drawings showcase a device with a screen that stretches to the rear of the phone, with app icons and the like, just as you’d see from a modern smartphone. In a way, the patent reminds me of Samsung’s long forgotten Galaxy Edge, but taken to the next level.

As Android Authority points out, the patent is similar in execution to the Meizu Pro 7 Plus, which features a separate rear screen for displaying information at a glance (time, steps taken, etc.).

Samsung has filed numerous patents over the past few years, including concepts for a foldable phone, bendable phone, and more. If the company were to follow through with these ideas, its lineup would look a lot different than it does today.

It’s unclear what a phone with a wraparound display would add to the everyday experience. I can already imagine how tiresome constantly flipping between the front and back of a smartphone could be. But Samsung may have thought of something I haven’t.

Just because a patent is filed doesn’t mean we’ll see that phone get made. However, there have been reports suggesting Samsung is working to release a foldable phone as early as next year, so it’s clear the company is exploring new ideas.

Brandon Russell

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