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Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan hints at DCEU role again

by Eric Frederiksen | December 12, 2017December 12, 2017 11:00 am EST

Jeffrey Dean Morgan wants to play the Batman. Just not the one you might be thinking of. Talking during a panel at the Walker Stalker Con in New Jersey, the Walking Dead star once again professed his interest in the role.

Morgan popped up in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne, and that’s where things get a little foggy. Jump with me down this hole. If you’ve been down it, you know where we’re going. While Bruce Wayne is Batman in the primary DC universe – both comic and cinematic – there are different universes within the multiverse where little things change.

In the story Flashpoint, which DC is intending to be the Flash’s big debut standalone film, the Flash goes back in time to stop his mother’s murder, and that results in a whole bunch of changes. Among those is that Bruce Wayne dies in Crime Alley, leaving his parents to mourn him. Thomas Wayne turns into a gun-toting Bat-themed vigilante, while Martha Wayne ends up putting on the makeup to become the Joker. There are a whole host of other changes, including the Amazons and Atlanteans at war as a result of Aquaman’s libido, Superman being stuck in an underground research facility, and more.

Unlike the CW’s version The Flash, the DCEU has most of the pieces in place to make a movie like that work, and Ezra Miller’s breakout performance as the Flash makes the idea seem that much more appealing despite its complex story. If the rumors are true about Ben Affleck leaving the DCEU, a Flashpoint movie would give execs a perfect in-story way to recast the character and leave Flash as the only one who knows.

If we’re going to get a Flashpoint movie anyway, I’d love to see Morgan step into the Extremely-Dark Knight’s body armor.


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