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Google Home Mini gains new functionality in latest update

by Brandon Russell | December 9, 2017December 9, 2017 1:00 pm PST

The Google Home Mini this week received an update that allows users to easily play and pause audio by touching the volume buttons.

Originally, users could tap the center of the Home Mini to play and pause media, and also give the device commands. But soon after it launched, users realized the device was accidentally recording users; Google said a defect made the device think it was continually being pressed, thus the recording fiasco.

Now, users can tap and hold on either side of the device to control media. So, in addition to adjusting volume, users can also pause and play their content, along with uttering the usual voice commands.

The Verge says that Home Mini units enrolled in Google’s software preview program will see the update already.

Google’s newest solution isn’t particularly intuitive compared to a simple tap. But it appears the company couldn’t overcome whatever issues were displayed by the Home Mini. Which is a huge shame, because the device is an excellent alternative to the Echo Dot.

Hopefully, the Home Max doesn’t exhibit any of these issues when the larger smart home speaker launches this month.


Brandon Russell

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