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Leaked image reveals Galaxy S9 will be missing a key feature

by Danny Zepeda | December 8, 2017December 8, 2017 5:47 pm EST

It’s been a up and down news cycle regarding when we’ll see the debut of the Galaxy S9. Some reports say CES while others say it’ll arrive later, but regardless, whenever it does show up, it’ll be missing a key feature the Note 8 has—the dual camera system.

Nearly every smartphone maker (except Google) has opted to move towards a two-camera set-up. That includes Samsung, which introduced its first dual camera with the Note 8 earlier this year. It would be logical to assume that the feature would make its way into its next flagship, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

A Twitter user posted screen cap of a tutorial for the heart rate sensor in the Samsung Health app. The device in question has a vertical camera set-up no other Samsung device has right now, so it is safe to assume it isn’t for a device on the market right now. The next choice would be Samsung’s next upcoming device, the Galaxy A9, which has a vertical camera, but it doesn’t have a heart rate sensor. So we can rule that device out.

Which device could it be? None other than the Galaxy S9.

Nothing is definitive at this point, but all signs point to the Galaxy S9 not having a dual camera system. It’s very un-Samsung like to possibly exclude the dual camera from it, because it loves to cram its devices with a ton of features. There are two possible reasons for this: Either it figured out how to deliver the same performance of a dual camera into a single camera system (like the Pixel 2 XL) or it wants to reserve the feature for the Note line for the time being.

The Twitter user also noted that the screen cap was take on the Galaxy S9 Plus, eliminating the theory that the dual camera set-up might make its way into the bigger Plus variant.

We won’t be able to confirm if this ends up being true until the Galaxy S9 is unveiled in 2018. We’ll take the news with a grain of salt for the time being as these things can change fairly quickly.

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