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HTC’s revenue woes aren’t stopping

by Justin Herrick | December 8, 2017December 8, 2017 11:00 am EST

Yet another decline in revenue occurred for HTC last month. The Taiwanese company shared its earnings report for November 2017, and the results are similar to what we’ve seen throughout the year. HTC generated $188 million during the month. Its press release didn’t state expenses and thus net income is unknown, but many expect the company again took a loss.

The month-over-month and year-over-year changes, though, were shared for investors to examine. HTC experienced a massive 26.16 percent drop in revenue from the same month last year. And, for the entire year, the company has seen a 19.03 percent drop compared to 2016.

HTC doesn’t have anything going for it. The U11 was impressive, but other flagships overshadowed the phone. Then, a few weeks ago, the U11 Life was released in a crowded segment with few advantages. And the U11+, which has things desired in a modern flagship, won’t be sold globally. But HTC isn’t giving up on the mobile industry despite selling a major part of the company to Google. After announcing the U11+ and U11 Life, an executive confirmed a 2018 flagship is in the works.

It’d be a shame to see HTC exit the mobile industry, but at this point there are a limited number of options to stay in business long-term. If revenue continues declining next year as it has this year, the company may be forced to shut down or sell to someone else.

Good luck, HTC. We believe in you.


Justin Herrick

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