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iOS 11 adoption rate has reached 59-percent

by Danny Zepeda | December 7, 2017December 7, 2017 9:00 am EST

iOS 11 is now installed in 59-percent of devices according to Apple. The number was revealed by Apple in a support page for developers that shed light on the adoption rate for iOS devices.

Last we heard of iOS 11 adoption numbers, the figure stood at 52-percent as of November 6. Apple’s updated number, which is current as of December 4, reveals iOS 11 adoption rate rose 7-percent in a month. Following iOS 11’s figure, iOS 10 comes in second with a 33-percent installation rate as the second most used version of iOS. Earlier versions come in at 8-percent.

The adoption rate for iOS 11 has been slower than iOS 10’s initial numbers. There’s still not a clear cut reason for this, but many have pointed at the high number of bugs that have been in iOS 11 as a deterrent to upgrading.

Over the weekend, Apple rushed out the iOS 11.2 update to fix a date but that caused iPhones to enter a non-stop reboot cycle. The update brought along Apple Pay Cash, new wallpapers and faster wireless charging speeds (7.5kWh) for the iPhone X and 8. But since the update came ahead of schedule, Apple Pay Cash didn’t fully start working until Tuesday.

But even with all of the problems iOS 11 has been experiencing, its adoption rate dwarfs that of the latest version of Android. This has been a big issue for Android that has failed to improve over the years. Android Oreo is currently only installed in 0.3-percent of devices as of November 9 according to Google.

The iOS 11 adoption should continue to climb higher in the coming weeks as users continue to update to iOS 11.2 and future updates to stabilize overall usage of the operating system.


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