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FromSoftware teases new project – could it be Bloodborne?

by Eric Frederiksen | December 7, 2017December 7, 2017 8:08 pm EST

After the downright rabid fan following Dark Souls picked up as the series progressed, it was hard to imagine where else From Software would go next. Somehow, they struck gold twice and put out the grotesque, satisfying Bloodborne. The studio has been quiet since it finished with Dark Souls III and its expansions.

Tonight at the Game Awards, though, we finally got a look at what they’re working on.

A really, really quick look.

Looking at what little we have to go on, it sure seems possible a Bloodborne sequel is in the wings, and there’s no doubt fans would go wild for it. Blood? Some parchment? A winch? The focus on blood sure points at a sequel to FromSoftware’s H.P. Lovecraft tribute. The words “Shadows Die Twice” are certainly evocative of Bloodborne‘s aesthetic, too. But the truth is, there’s not enough there to know for sure. It could be something entirely new.

FromSoftware didn’t put a release date or time frame on the tease, so we’ll likely be waiting for a while before we hear anything else.

Eric Frederiksen

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