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Pokémon GO update will add new Pokémon and real-world weather effects

by Danny Zepeda | December 6, 2017December 6, 2017 3:00 pm EST

Get ready for a bunch of new Pokémon to capture in Pokémon GO. An update arriving later this week for the popular mobile game is set to bring forth a ton of new Pokémon.

In total, at least 50 new Gen III Pokémon will be available. But this will only be the first wave of additions. By the time it’s all said and done, about 130 Gen III Pokémon will be added.

New Pokémon to capture is always a good thing, but Niantic is also throwing in a really cool feature into the update it is calling “dynamic weather.” The game will now be able to track the weather around your location and update the game concurrently. If it is raining, it will rain in the game; if it is snowing, it will be snowy in the game; and it if it is sunny, it will be sunny.

There will be five different weather effects: Clear, Foggy, Rainy, Snowy and Windy.

That’s not the best part of the dynamic weather feature. Depending on the specific weather, this will also lead to more elemental Pokémon to spawn if they match with the weather. During a rain storm, you will see more water and electric Pokémon, and they will be stronger, too. This is how it breaks down for every available weather mode.

  • Clear: Grass, ground and fire Pokémon
  • Foggy: Dark and ghost Pokémon
  • Rainy: Water, electric and bug Pokémon
  • Snowy: Ice and steel Pokémon
  • Windy: Dragon, flying and psychic Pokémon

This will also impact battles at gyms. If you are using specific elemental Pokémon, such as a fire on a clear day, it will get a stat boost while a water Pokémon will be weakened.

There’s still no word on the exact date the update will be available, so keep an eye out for the app update on both Android and iOS devices.


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