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A purple-colored Galaxy S9 might be in the works

by Justin Herrick | December 4, 2017December 4, 2017 6:00 am EST

Next year the Galaxy S9 could be available in a color not too common in the mobile industry. Samsung, according to SamMobile, is developing a purple-colored model of its 2018 flagship.

The sources sharing the new information point out that, in addition to not having a name decided yet, the shade of purple is unknown. Perhaps it’ll align closer to the Galaxy Note 8 in Deep See Blue, or maybe it’ll be a lighter and more vibrant shade. Whatever Samsung decides, the purple-colored phone will really stand out.

There’s also a chance this is just Orchid Gray, a color introduced in 2017, is getting brought back for the upcoming flagship.

Other colors mentioned alongside purple include black, gold, and blue. It’s unclear, though, which colors will head to specific markets. In the past, Samsung has limited choices to different parts of the world. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, for example, didn’t see their blue-colored models reach the United States until months after being released. So the purple-colored Galaxy S9 will likely face the same type of patter if it even sees widespread availability.

If a recent report from mobile industry insider Evan Blass holds up to be true, the Galaxy S9 will be partially unveiled at CES 2018 in January. Samsung could tease some of the phone before doing a full launch in February or March followed by an April release. It seems that Samsung wants to dominate the new year from the start rather than a few months in.


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