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Google’s smart home ambitions to ramp up with big new move

by Brandon Russell | November 30, 2017November 30, 2017 11:00 am PST

Google will reportedly merge Nest back into the fold in a bid to further expand its smart home portfolio. The search giant previously acquired Nest in 2014 before the two brands were split a year later, living separately under Alphabet.

It’s unclear what plans Google has to take on Amazon. The search giant currently offers the Home and Home Mini, both of which are smart home speakers that challenge the Echo.

Amazon has expanded its own portfolio of smart home devices in recent months, introducing the Echo Show and Echo Spot. Perhaps Google is considering going down a similar route. If so, it would give Google a more well-rounded lineup of smart home gadgets, which would include cameras, a home security system, thermostats, and more.

If Google and Nest do merge, all of Nest’s 1,000 employees will reportedly work with Google’s hardware team. That would come in addition to the deal with HTC made earlier this year.

Apparently, Nest employees have been expecting this to happen for a while. Some Nest engineers were previously moved to Google in order to create integration between Google Home and Nest devices. The two companies also often have to call the same retailers for distribution, so the overlap is unnecessary.

With Google putting greater priority on the home, expect confirmation of the merger to hit soon.


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