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Google Home is now smart enough to do two things at once

by Brandon Russell | November 30, 2017November 30, 2017 2:00 pm PST

While Google Assistant is adept at understanding natural language and follow-up requests, it’s not very good at multitasking. Thanks to a new update, however, devices like Google Home and Home Mini will be able to perform two actions at once.

Rather than giving Home one command at a time—“What’s the weather?—you can now ask two things in the same sentence. So, going forward, you can say, “OK Google, turn on my living room lights and tell me what’s on my calendar.” It makes interacting with Google’s home devices more natural.

The new feature pushes the search giant’s technology in an exciting new direction. There’s something very satisfying about saying, “OK Google, turn off the bedroom lights and play love songs.”

We’re still waiting on a routines feature to hit Google’s slate of smart speakers—something Amazon rolled out earlier this month. The feature allows users to trigger a series of actions by speaking one command.

For now, Google Assistant’s ability to understand two commands at once is a great way to expand the technology and its machine learning. Unfortunately, Assistant on mobile device isn’t able to understand two commands at once—at least not yet.


Brandon Russell

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