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Google gets the burger emoji right in Android 8.1

by Justin Herrick | November 29, 2017November 29, 2017 11:00 am PST

Google is only just figuring out how a burger is actually put together. A fix is finally coming for the burger emoji on Android. Other emoji, too, are getting updated to be more accurate representations of real foods and drinks.

It was discovered in October that, on the company’s mobile operating system, the positioning of cheese on its burger emoji was completely wrong. Google believed the cheese goes between the patty and bottom bun while the rest of the world understands it should be on top of the meat. When this was pointed out on Twitter, CEO Sundar Pichai promised it’d be a priority to fix. Now, with Android 8.1 in its second developer preview, an updated burger emoji is on the way.

Tweaks have also been implemented for the beer, cheers, and cheese emoji. Everyone was puzzled by Google’s beer having froth at the top while the glass was half full. It’s been updated to have froth at the top of a full glass of beef. Cheese, meanwhile, no longer has a line going through its holes.

Although the company hasn’t said the software update will begin rolling out, Android 8.1 should start hitting Pixel and Nexus devices before the end of the year.


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