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Are the Moto X5 and E5 planned for early 2018?

by Justin Herrick | November 28, 2017November 28, 2017 6:00 am PST

Motorola could be preparing to release two additional phones alongside the next Moto G within the first few months of next year. Evan Blass, the mobile industry insider at VentureBeat, revealed that the Moto X5 and Moto E5 are in development. And they could debut in early 2018, which would mean the current generation is going to become dated really fast.

Blass first revealed the next Moto E would be similar to the next Moto G in bringing back the Play model. In 2016, Motorola introduced the Moto G4 Play that was closer to previous generations. The Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus in 2017 weren’t joined by a Play-named sibling. Who knows why Motorola is bringing the Play model back, but it’ll be brought to both the Moto G and Moto E next year.

Someone asked the mobile industry insider when exactly the phones will launch, and he said “Febtember.” That’s likely a nod to MWC 2018 happening in February. Motorola’s been hosting launches at the Barcelona-based trade show for the last few years.

The Moto X5, which we haven’t heard about until now, was also mentioned on Twitter by Blass. Specifications and availability weren’t shared, but a logo for the phone was posted. It’s exactly the same as the logo for the Moto X4 with just the numbers swapped. Since the Moto X4 was only released in September (and even later in some markets), it’d be surprising to see the next Moto X announced so soon. Still, the company has been known for shortening a product’s life by introducing a successor less than a year after the original arrives.

Lenovo and Motorola haven’t confirmed anything for MWC 2018, but the information coming out this week might indicate a wave of new hardware is coming sooner than expected. There could be more than five Moto-branded phones going official in February.

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