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Mother 4’s soundtrack now available… even though the game doesn’t exist

by Ron Duwell | November 24, 2017November 24, 2017 10:00 am PST

Fans have been working on creating their own sequel in Nintendo’s Mother series for the past seven years. Since it was first announced in 2010, we’ve seen only bits and pieces of the fan group’s proposed game, Mother 4, and nobody has shown any indication that the game will meet completion soon.

However, YouTube channel GameChops has granted gamers a first-look at the largest piece of the game to date… it’s “official” soundtrack. All of the tunes add up to over two hours of music, and it perfectly captures the spirit of the official Nintendo games that came before it.

Most of the soundtrack’s 56 songs are original creations from composer Shane Mesa, but eight of the tracks are official sanctioned remixes of classic tunes from Earthbound.

Now, if only we had any news on the release of the game itself. It is being created outside of Nintendo’s official sanction, but given the complicated “cold shoulder” relationship that the company and the Mother fanbase have established between one another, we’re quite sure Nintendo knows about this and is in no rush to shut it down.

Mother 4

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