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Motorola pokes fun at Samsung’s iPhone-bashing ad

by Justin Herrick | November 22, 2017November 22, 2017 9:00 am PST

Jumping from an iPhone to a Galaxy is a common thought, but maybe you should be going to a Moto-branded phone instead. That’s what Motorola would like everyone to think about during the holidays and beyond. The company just posted a new video responding to Samsung’s “Growing Up” ad from the “Upgrade to Galaxy” campaign that launched earlier this month. The thirty-second clip highlights the versatility of Motorola’s phones when paired with Moto Mods.

Here’s the ad:

Motorola starts its ad with a young man who’s looking back and smirking at a line of people waiting for the latest iPhone. When he gets home, he takes his Galaxy Note 8 out to watch a video. The video, which shows him and his significant other sharing time together, looks great on the phone’s 6.3-inch Quad HD+ (2960×1440) Super AMOLED display. His significant other, however, knows it could be bigger and better.

She unboxes a new Moto Z2 Force and immediately pairs it with the Insta-Share Projector, one of the Moto Mods first introduced in 2016. It allows the couple to watch videos from the phone’s screen up to 70 inches. Her special guy is, of course, impressed and embraces the experience.

The ad finishes with “Up-upgrade to Motorola,” a clear shot at the tagline Samsung used in its own ad. It’s a clever idea, and it’ll certainly make some people look into what Motorola has on the market. But Lenovo, the parent company overseeing Motorola, doesn’t appear committed to big-budget advertising. So, unlike the Samsung ad that produced over 22 million views on YouTube, there probably aren’t going too many viewers for this video.

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