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The OnePlus 5T survived durability testing with flying colors

by Danny Zepeda | November 21, 2017November 21, 2017 8:00 am PST

OnePlus again fooled us with the OnePlus 5, as a better version was waiting in the wings a few months later. Enter the OnePlus 5T, the better version with a bigger display, which is nice and all, but is it more durable? The answer is a resounding yes, with an exclamation point.

Durability tester JerryRigEverything put the OnePlus 5T through his usual round of torture tests and the results were quite impressive. Starting with the glass up front that covers the new 6-inch AMOLED display, scratches will be hard to come by. That’s because OnePlus pre-installs a plastic screen protector on the device, giving it an extra layer of protection.

But if you’re not into plastic, the Gorilla Glass 5 will hold up solidly just like any other flagship device out there. Keys and most everyday hard object won’t leave any scratches.

Just like the OnePlus 5, the 5T sports the familiar anodized aluminum body that is coated with aluminum oxide. This means it will handle scratches easily. Scrubbing keys on the back left no marks. The aluminum oxide is thin though, so scratching it with sharp objects will chip into the coating.

The new, bigger display forced OnePlus to move the fingerprint scanner to the back similar to Pixel phones. In testing the fingerprint scanner, JerryRigEverything discovered it is made of ceramic, making it un-scratchable. Most fingerprint scanners are made of glass or plastic, resulting in deep gashes. Not the OnePlus 5T.

Last up was the bend test. And there’s nothing to discuss here; the OnePlus 5T is built like a tank. It is an improvement over the OnePlus 5, which was also rigid, but did give a little resulting the display slightly raising up during the test. OnePlus addressed the issue and made the 5T’s frame even stronger.

So not only will get you a fully speced flagship phone for $499 with the OnePlus 5T, you will also get durable one as well. That’s good to know.

You can check out JerryRigEverything’s full round of testing in the video down below.

Danny Zepeda

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