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Model number for the Galaxy X appears on Samsung’s site

by Justin Herrick | November 21, 2017November 21, 2017 7:00 am PST

If everything goes as expected, Samsung will introduce the Galaxy X in early 2018. The company has been anything but shy about letting the world know it’s working on a foldable phone.

Two months ago a Samsung executive confirmed the technology is in development and should debut next year. Then, shortly after its existence was acknowledged, the Galaxy X received certification in South Korea. And even last month we got to see a potential design for this groundbreaking mobile device. There’s still time before the new year hits, and today a new leak surfaced directly from Samsung.

A product listing for Samsung’s foldable phone, known as SM-G888N0, recently went live online. It didn’t appear on third-party retailer’s site, though. The Galaxy X’s model number is clearly visible on Samsung’s South Korea site. Unfortunately, the product listing doesn’t tell us anything aside from the model number, so there aren’t specifications to share at this time.

The model number isn’t similar to any existing or upcoming phones; therefore, many believe this is definitely the foldable phone the South Korean company is working on.

Samsung hasn’t said when the Galaxy X will become official, but the foldable phone might be revealed at CES 2018 in January. The Las Vegas-based trade show is where companies from different industries unveil their more adventurous products. Since foldable phones probably won’t be mainstream for a few more years, Samsung doesn’t need to do a standalone event yet.

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