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Apple has been working on the HomePod for years

by Danny Zepeda | November 21, 2017November 21, 2017 2:00 pm PST

Apple introduced the HomePod back in September, jumping into a crowded market of smart home speakers alongside Amazon, Google and many others. It’s quite late to the party, but Apple apparently saw this product line taking off many years ago.

In a new report by Bloomberg, it outlines the process Apple and its engineers went through in developing the HomePod. Audio engineers at Apple had been working on prototypes for a smart home speaker as far back as five years ago when in 2014, Amazon “blindsided” the Cupertino company by introducing the Echo. Jokes of corporate espionage aside, Amazon beat Apple to the punch, and it had to respond eventually. Enter the HomePod.

The development of the speaker was a lurid one. Apple cancelled the project many times in the early years until Amazon jumped into the game in 2014. That’s when the project became a very serious project for Apple. From the onset, Apple wanted to make a high end speaker with premium sound quality.

Early prototypes of the HomePod were a lot less refined than the version Apple introduced alongside the iPhone X back in September. Some prototypes were three feet tall and contained dozens of speakers while others were flat. By the end, Apple decided upon a design with a pulsating orb on top and a long, circular design at the bottom to better distribute sound.

Unfortunately, Apple won’t launch the HomePod until early 2018 after it delayed its release. With the HomePod in the works for five years, what’s another few months to wait for its release at this point.


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