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Here’s what happens in Justice League’s post-credits scene

by Brandon Russell | November 18, 2017November 18, 2017 10:00 am PST

We knew Justice League would break from convention (at least for a DCEU movie) and include a post-credits scene. Now that the movie is out, we know exactly what happens and why it’s important.

Note that there are spoilers ahead

The scene begins in a prison, or what looks to be Arkham Asylum, where guards are doing role call. We then get a shot of a guy from behind who looks suspiciously like Lex Luthor, shaved head and all.

But as the camera gets closer, a guard turns the man around to reveal it isn’t Luthor at all, but another random (and unimportant) person with a similar haircut.

Turns out, Luthor has been broken out of jail. We cut to another shot out on the ocean that reveals Deathstroke has helped Luthor escape. Naturally, the criminal mastermind is pissed, so he starts to ruminate on his next move, which may involve forming the Legion of Doom.

That could be one direction the DCEU moves in; it would be a nice storyline for Justice League 2, with some of the characters involved in upcoming solo films, such as The Batman and, if it ever happens, The Flash.

The Legion of Doom is essentially a group of supervillans that included Bizarro, Black Manta, Riddler, Lex Luthor, and more. Chances are, critical and commercial reception will determine which direction the DCEU goes in. At least for now, hints are being thrown down for what’s to come.

Brandon Russell

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