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Honor throws shade at OnePlus, starts teasing a new phone

by Justin Herrick | November 16, 2017November 16, 2017 10:00 am PST

Ready for a new phone from Honor? Something is coming soon. The Huawei-owned brand just started teasing an announcement scheduled for next month. Currently, there’s no information regarding a name or specifications, but Honor is going ahead saying it’ll be better than the new OnePlus 5T.

Here’s the first teaser, which was sent out on Twitter Thursday morning:

No one will deny there’s shade being thrown at OnePlus. The GIF in the tweet starts with the “A New View” phrase that OnePlus leveraged in the days leading up the OnePlus 5T’s announcement. Honor, however, places a question mark next to the phrase. Then it shatters glass and reveals the silhouette of its upcoming phone while saying “Max The New View.” Based on the silhouette, it seems Honor will implement an all-screen front with minimal bezels.

Honor’s tweet also uses the hashtag “#WhySettle,” a play on the “Never Settle” slogan its competitor lives by.

The launch event for the latest Honor phone will be held on Tuesday, December 5. Honor is hosting the debut in London; however, the brand’s United States-based Twitter account has also started teasing the announcement. So whatever Honor introduces to the world next month will be available globally.

Honor (Twitter)

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