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Sprint starts giving out free Hulu subscriptions

by Justin Herrick | November 15, 2017November 15, 2017 8:00 am PST

Sprint, too, would like customers to be entertained by television shows and movies streaming on its network. The carrier just announced that new and existing customers on the Unlimited Freedom plan will get a free Hulu subscription.

Customers on the Unlimited Freedom plan just have to head over to Sprint’s site and create (or log in with) a Hulu account before linking them. After that, Sprint will automatically cover the cost of Hulu. Since it’s the ad-supported subscription, you’ll have $7.99 per month covered by the carrier.

At a later date, Sprint and Hulu will introduce Hulu with Live TV at a discount. It’ll be offered as an upgrade option for those already getting the regular video streaming service through Sprint.

The other three major U.S. carriers have all embraced free video streaming service subscriptions to add value to their plans. Verizon, who’s likely to launch a live TV streaming service in 2018, introduced us to Go90 two years ago. As for AT&T, it’s a one-two punch. The carrier offers discounts on DirecTV and HBO Go while occasionally including them for free with wireless service. And just last month T-Mobile started pairing Netflix with its family plan. Customers have responded positively, and that’s exactly why Sprint entered this partnership with Hulu.

Sprint’s network isn’t exactly the most reliable in the nation, so it’ll be interesting to see how it manages a large number of people streaming from Hulu at the same time. Video streaming applies a ton of pressure on networks. Is Sprint prepared? The carrier certainly believes it is, but we’ll have to wait and see.

The free Hulu subscriptions for Sprint customers can be claimed starting on Friday, November 17. Sprint and Hulu’s hidden catch seems to be that it’s a promotion running for a limited time. If you’re an eligible Sprint customer, you’ll need to claim the free Hulu subscription by December 8 or risk never getting it.


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