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Google unveils major discounts for Black Friday

by Brandon Russell | November 14, 2017November 14, 2017 12:30 pm PST

If you’re looking to outfit your home with an army of smart speakers, you should pay attention to Google’s Black Friday deals. The search giant this week unveiled the discounts that will go live in just a few days (on November 23, to be exact), including a big price drop on the Google Home Mini.

When Google’s sales go live, the company will drop the price of the Home Mini to just $29. Even better, according to Lifehacker, the price will actually come out to just $19 after an in-store credit is applied, which is an offer that’s almost too good to be true.

You’ll be able to pick up a Home Mini for that price from Google, Target, or Best Buy, giving consumers plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the deal. For just $19, outfitting your home with Google’s tiny speaker has never been more enticing.

Google is also offering a great deal on the Google Home. Customers can save $50 on the smart speaker when the price drops from $129 to $79. The Google Home was already a great deal at $129—cheaper than Amazon’s Echo Plus—but at $79 it’s hard to pass up.

Of course, neither smart speaker will match the audio fidelity offered by the Google Home Max, which the company plans to release next month for $399. No discounts will be offered on the Max since it won’t be on the market before then.

Additionally, Google will offer discount the Chromecast and Chromecast Audio by $10, bringing the price to $25 for each product. As far as we know, Google won’t be discounting either this year’s or last year’s Pixel devices, which is a bummer.

These deals will start on November 23 at 12:01 a.m. EST and end on November 28 at 2:59 a.m. EST.

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