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Ignore the Google Store worker who recommends cutting the Pixel Buds’ cord

by Justin Herrick | November 13, 2017November 13, 2017 10:00 am PST

The Pixel Buds are now shipping in the United States. If you placed an order immediately when the product went live on the Google Store last month, you should be getting your wireless earbuds this week and next week. There’s just one thing you need to be reminded of before they arrive.

Whatever you do, do not cut the cord connecting the two earpieces. We’re only offering this reminder because there’s an uninformed individual spreading misinformation.

Reddit user mightymikek shared their experience of visiting a Google Store pop-up in New York City over the weekend.

A worker at the retail store highlighting all of Google’s newest products decided to start pushing the Pixel Buds. The visitor had already pre-ordered them, so the two started chatting about the Pixel Buds in general. Upon the visitor suggesting the cord the two earpieces be removed in the future, the worker flat-out said to “just cut the cord.” There was no hesitation, laughing, or other signs of uncertainty that the Google Store-based worker was joking.

Fortunately, the visitor knows a thing or two about the product, so the worker then became aware that the cord for the Pixel Buds is not temporary and is required for the device to function. The worker even said “well I better stop telling people that,” which means there are a bunch of people roaming around the Big Apple and beyond thinking they need to cut the cord between the Pixel Buds’ earpieces.

It should be noted that the worker at the retail store probably isn’t employed by Google. The company likely uses a third-party partner to host its pop-up shops. Still, the worker at this particular Google Store pop-up needs to do their homework. If you’re working in a sales-related field, you have to know the basics.

Again, when you get your Pixel Buds, do not cut the cord. It’s a pair of wireless earbuds in the sense that they connect to your phone using a Bluetooth connection rather than a physical wire.


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